About Me

I am a freelance consultant in the field of Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology. My full
time engagement is in high security products and solutions. My job is to specify,
supply and install high security locking systems for my clients who are mainly
involved in building construction and property development. My ultimate goal is to
provide peace of mind to people via Feng Shui and high security products.

In the course of my work, I have come across clients whose minds are troubled,
not for lack of security in their homes or premises, but by negative energy
(“Sha Qi”) that lies in the spatial environment. On careful observation, I discovered
that these properties are not designed or built in conformity with the principles of
Feng Shui. This results in negative features taking shape in the interior or exterior
of a property. Such features emit Sha Qi which brings misfortune and disharmony
to the occupants. Being a long time researcher and practitioner of Feng Shui and
Chinese Astrology, I hope to use my knowledge to help people prosper and live in
harmony with the environment.

I wish to impart my knowledge with the hope that through it, one will be able to
empower oneself in achieving life's goals. The appreciation I received from my
clients via email bears
testimony to this.

My name is Alvin and welcome to my website!
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