"How to make your workplace safer and more secure?"
Burglary Prevention Checklist for Businesses

A business premise can contains important documents  besides money
for burglars to steal.  In this age of information technology, one of the
security concerns of businesses is how to secure a premise  against
information theft . Crooks are getting IT savvy and are keeping up with the
changes in technologies to become more ingenious and skillful in
committing burglary. The following is a burglary checklist to identify any
potential  weak points in your premises:-   

• Are there any opened door or a broken window in the premises?

• Are there any high security deadlock at the main points of entry?

• Are you keeping track of who has the keys to your business?

• Have you changed the lock or combination for stolen or lost keys?

• Is there any standard security check for service or utility workers?

• Are the walkways well-lit at night?

• Is the landscaping providing a screen for intruders to hide easily?

• Are high security locks being used on file cabinets, stores, rooms, etc?

• Is there a proper safe for keeping valuables, records, documents, etc?

• Is there proper authorisation for any key duplication?

• Do you have a master key system for the main building?

You are most vulnerable to a burglary when:

* you have just terminated an employee
* your keys are lost or stolen
* you have multiple keys in circulation
* your doors and locks are in need of repair   
* your alarm system is not properly maintained
* you have recently moved your business
* you have a consistent schedule of movement in and out of the premises

A good security system optimises the use of mechanical, electrical and
electronic products in a combined package to provides detection,
monitoring, control and ultimately protection for the occupants of the
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