"To be forewarned is to be forearmed"
Chinese Astrology a.k.a. Ba Zi or Four Pillars of Destiny has been
practiced for centuries and has proven to be an effective tool in managing
a person's luck and fortune with an uncanny accuracy. The four pillars
comprise the 8 Chinese characters ("Ba Zi") which form the destiny codes
of a person. The secret is to unlock the meaning behind these codes
through BaZi Analysis and gain insights into ourselves and our future. We
are all born with a birth chart comprising these codes and also a set of
luck pillars representing 10-yearly periods of our life. Together, they
shape our destiny and luck cycles for better or for worse .

How can we make our lives
happier, richer and more meaningful?

We all want answers to life's many woes and challenges and we seek
solutions to the problems that both dismay and confound us, be it love,
career, wealth or health. With the foreknowledge of our destiny through
Ba Zi Analysis, we can begin to understand our innate potentials and
more importantly, seek a purposeful realisation of our dreams, goals and

We want answers that give us hope, even when we are at the depths of
despair. We want answers that give us comfort and consolation so that
we have the fortitude to face our greatest adversities. We seek answers  
to help us restore our courage and steer us in the right direction of our
lives. A Ba Zi Analysis will help us to find those answers.

If we can have all the answers, can we then make better decisions and
face life with better foresight?  Wouldn't it be great that we can ascertain
the likelihood of challenges through BaZi Analysis and  try to thwart, inhibit
or at the very least, mitigate the circumstances to our advantage?

Yes! This is what we hope to achieve using the ancient formula of
Chinese fortune telling or Ba Zi Analysis or Ba Zi Reading.

If you are currently going through life with a heavy sigh, drained of
energies or simply find it hard to go on, you should get a BaZi Analysis.
You can submit information on your time/date of birth and gender for a
personalized full Ba Zi reading.
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