Feng Shui – Using Water to Generate Wealth   

In Feng Shui, the flow of water in a property is important to ascertain the well being of the residents for the attainment of wealth
and prosperity.  Water is the main conductor of Qi or energy and it is therefore crucial to determine how the Qi flow in the vicinity
of a property. The goal is to harness positive Qi and avoid negative Qi.

There are various water methods in Chinese metaphysics. The schools of San Yuan and San He have different systems when
it comes to the application of water in harnessing Qi. The key is to find the auspicious compass direction of entry and/or exit of
water within a property in relation to the external landforms. The landforms help us to determine the reference point of the
property which is usually the Facing of the property or the main entrance. From there, we can ascertain the auspicious compass
direction of entry and/or exit of water.

Using the 24 mountains (or compass directions) in addition to the Stems and Branches and the Yin and Yang of the Five
Elements, we can decide the outcome and potential of the Incoming and Outgoing Water. A Feng Shui consultant will need to
use the Luo Pan (Chinese compass) to make calculations in order to access the directions of water flow with reference to the
Facing of the property. From that point, the variable factors would be the external landforms such as mountain and rivers.  

Based on San He water method, the Facing of the main entrance is used to determine the auspicious directions of water
entrance and exit. For good Feng Shui, it is desirable for water to be flowing in from the directions of Prosperity Peak,
Coming-of-Age and Attire whereas water should be flowing out from the directions of Death, Grave and Repose.
When this method is applied to harness the Qi in a property, the residents can expect to achieve wealth, fame, career success,
status and prosperity depending on which directions water flows in and out of a property.
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