Feng Shui Remedy Anyone?

In Feng Shui, the immediate environment we live in can affect our quality of life depending on the land forms surrounding our
property. The Chinese believes that “Qi” or vital energy breathes life to all living things in the universe. Closer to home, this
energy is what makes our living environment vibrant if it is flowing gently and meandering towards our property. However, this
energy can turn vicious if it is activated by negative land forms that make it moves fast and straight.

There are basically not many remedies in Feng Shui if your property is afflicted with negative land forms such as T-junction,
lamp post, pylons, sharp roof edges, etc. These so called afflictions emit negative energies known as “Sha Qi” which can
bring harm to the residents if measures are not taken to counteract them. The ill effects of such negative energies on the
residents may cause problems relating to health, wealth, success, relationship etc.

However, not all is lost if our homes are exposed to these negative land forms especially if they are just outside our house.
If our house faces a pylon or lamp post or a T-junction or the sharp edged roof line of the opposite house, the best alternative
is to relocate and move away so that our house does not come face to face with them. If relocation is not possible, this is
where Feng Shui’s remedy comes into play and the key to this remedy is the location/direction of our main door by which we
enter our house. The main door is the path through which we hope to channel vital negative into our home and conversely,
prevent negative energy from coming in. Since the problem has to do with negative land forms, we should go with the latter.

How do we divert the negative energy? In Feng Shui, it is simply a matter of blocking, reflecting or avoiding. If your house is
located at the intersection of a busy 'T' or 'Y', we can build a structure like a high wall fence between the road and the home to
block off the negative energy.

Or we can use a bright metal plate to reflect the negative energy from the pylon.

Or we can relocate the main door or change its direction to avoid facing a lamp post.

Simple isn’t it? Not really. The trick is in the execution.
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