Destiny, Feng Shui & Security - a holistic approach

The year 2011 is the year of Xin Mao or the Metal Rabbit which carry the Heavenly Stem of Xin or Yin Metal and the Earthly
Branch of Mao or Rabbit.  The first day of the Chinese Solar year (also known as Li Chun in Chinese) arrives on the 4th February 2011.
However, the first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year starts on the 3rd February 2011 and it is a day celebrated by all Chinese people
in the world based on custom and tradition.

This year, the houses that face east or west are likely to face more challenges and adversities. This is because in 2011, the
Tai Sui or Grand Duke Jupiter is at the East (E2). The situation is made worse by the unlucky star Wu Wang (also known as Five
Yellow) which also flies into the east sector. This star brings misfortunes and calamities. If your door, bedroom or places that
you spend a lot of time are located in the east or face east, then you are most likely to be afflicted with its negative energy. You can
weaken its energy by placing metal objects in the east sector.

The west sector (W2) will be afflicted by the Sui Poh or Year Breaker which is directly opposite Tai Sui. There is also the San
Sha or Three Killings which exerts its inauspicious energy in the West this year. To counter the negative effect of the San Sha,
you can place live plants in the West sector.

As you can see, the east and west sectors are mostly influenced by these negative energies.

All the inauspicious energies of Tai Sui, Sui Poh, San Sha and Wu Wang are activated by breaking the ground, nailing the wall and
renovation works. The negative effects of these afflictions bring setbacks, obstacles, losses (monetary and otherwise) and calamities.
If possible, occupants of a property or house should avoid using these sectors (East and West). Pregnant women, infants and those
who are ill or recovering from an illness are especially vulnerable to the negative energies in these sectors.

People born in the year of the Rabbit, Rooster, Rat and Horse are most likely to feel the negative effects of the Tai Sui. They can expect
to face stumbling blocks and hindrances this year.

As a precaution against any misfortune that may befall those whose houses face East (E2) and sit West (W2), there should not be any
house renovation works undertaken this year such ground breaking, piling, digging, nailing and knocking down walls or structures.

For those whose houses face other directions, the occupants should not undertake renovations works in the East and West sectors.

When the Chinese Solar year commences on 4th February 2011, a new round of annual stars will fly in and affect every household.
There are nine of these stars which are numerical representations of the energies, good and bad, affecting the eight sectors of a
house including the center.

Of the nine stars, number 5 (also known as Wu Wang or Five Yellow) is the most destructive as it brings misfortunes and calamities.

The south sector is afflicted by star 2 that brings health issue or ailments. The solution is to place metal items in the sector.

The north sector is afflicted by star 3 which is associated with arguments, disputes and legal problems. The solution is to
place red colored objects or a lamp in this sector.

The center of the house is afflicted by star 7 which is associated with robbery, burglary and theft. It can also cause injury due to
physical attack and assault. Avoid using this sector if possible.

The southeast sector is influenced by star 6 which is associated with authority, power and status. You should spend more time in this
sector if you seek such aspirations.

The southwest sector is influenced by star 4 which is associated with education and academic achievement. It is also beneficial for
romance and fostering harmonious relationship. For better chance of success in your exams, study, academic pursuits or romantic
endeavors, you should spend more time in this sector of your house.

The west sector is influenced by star 9 that governs happy events, celebrations, marriages, birth or promotions. The downside
is that the west sector is also afflicted by San Sha and Sui Poh. Therefore, it is best not to activate it.

The northeast sector is influenced by star 1. This star brings nobility, recognition and growth.

The northwest sector is influenced by star 8 which is the most auspicious star as it brings wealth, career success and prosperity

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