The front door to your house should have adequate spaces on both
sides of the door to allow "Qi" to collect. There should not be any
objects near the doorway such as potted plants, furniture, etc which
tends to block "Qi" from coming in. The door should preferably be
head of the household.

The front door should not directly face the sharp edges of any
external structures such as sharp corners of a building, a lamp post,
a straight road, T-junction etc. This will cause negative energies or
"Sha Qi" to rush towards the door in a straight and narrow path
making it too strong and hostile.

The front door and back door of your house should not be aligned in
a straight line as this will cause "Qi" to escape as soon as it enters
the house. As a result, "Qi" is not able to collect and flow within the

Your kitchen stove should not be located too near the sink or face
one another directly as the elements of fire and water are in conflict,
which deactivates "Qi". The stove should preferably face one of the
auspicious compass directions of the head of the household.

Your bed should not directly face the door to the bedroom or be
aligned in a straight line with one another as it is not auspicious.
Ideally, the head board of the bed should be backed up against a
solid wall and face one of your auspicious compass directions. The
bed should not directly face a mirror.

Do not sit directly underneath an exposed overhead beam or sit
facing the sharp edges of a pillar/wall as negative energies are
suppressing or aiming towards you. Preferably, sit facing one of
your auspicious compass directions and away from the beam.

Furnishing and interior decor within the house should allow for "Qi"
to flow in a meandering manner, that is slow and curvy where the
pathway is free and uncluttered.
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