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Front door

In Feng Shui, the front door is the "mouth" of Qi. If aligned in the
auspicious direction and/or location, it will bring prosperity and
harmony to the residents. If aligned in the inauspicious direction
and/or location, the residents will suffer misfortune and bad luck.
Likewise, in security, the front door is also the pathway for
malevolent forces in the form of intruders and burglars.

It should therefore be fitted with a high security mortise deadlock
with at least 1" deadbolt which preferably be made of hardened
solid steel for maximum protection. The key cylinder should offer
maximum resistance against physical attack, picking, bumping and
pulling, The key must not be easily duplicated and be strictly

Quality locks are only as strong as the doors and frames to which
they are fitted. Ensure that the frame is strong and the door is
designed for external use. A door with wooden hollow core should
not be used for obvious reason. It should be of solid construction
and preferably 50 mm thick, if not 44 mm at the very least. Bolt
hinges are recommended against physical removal of the door
under certain circumstances. Otherwise, 4 pieces of robust 5"
stainless steel butt hinges should suffice.

A metal strip fitted to the frame side can act as reinforcer for the
strike plate to prevent jacking with crow bar. If the door is weak,
fitting a steel plate on the outside covering the lock area can also act
as door reinforcer.

A door guard or chain is useful as auxiliary items for extra control in
the opening of the door in association with a door viewer as peep
hole that has long and wide vision.
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