Home Security Systems
by: Sean Hattaway

When choosing a home security system, it’s important to know that not all systems are created equal. Each company offers
various features and has a different track record. Before signing a contract with a company, you should know that you are getting
the features that best suit your purposes. The main reason that people choose to have security systems installed is to prevent
and deter thieves from getting into your home and your valuables.

As mentioned, there are many features available nowadays. The basic element of a home security system is a trigger that will
alert the security company and the authorities when triggered. There are usually several trigger points that you can choose to
protect. The main ones are the front and back doors. The second would be the windows. Since most break-ins occur on the
first level, these are the most crucial areas to cover. However, it can happen that an intruder will gain entry through a second
floor window.

The time elapsed from when a sensor is triggered to the signal going out to the security company is critical. It needs to be long
enough to allow the homeowner to turn it off when entering their home, yet short enough that the authorities can take action in
enough time. Another important factor is the sensitivity of the triggers. If there are too many false alarms, the response time from
the police will be longer. You want to be sure that the system is reliable and that help will come when needed.

Wireless security systems are also more widely available. These systems use your PC or phone wires to send the alert of a
break-in. If there is an intruder, the signal is sent wirelessly to the security company. There is even the option of using email to
send an alert. Also, instead of tying up home phone lines, cellular phones can be used to send instead.

Most home security system are modular, meaning you can purchase a basic set up and add features as you feel they are
needed. Since most companies charge a monthly fee, it may be smart to go this route and pay for only what you truly need.
Lastly, before hiring any company to install a security system, make sure that they are licensed to do the job and check their
company history. How accurate is their response time? Check their track record; how many thefts have their systems prevented
or deterred? When it comes to your home’s security and family’s safety, you want to rest easy knowing that you’re well protected
and that you’ve done everything you can to ensure their safe keeping.