"How to make your home safer and more secure?"
Burglary Prevention Checklist for Homes

This checklist is designed to help you check the security adequacy
of your home by identifying potential weak spots which might make
your home an easy target for a burglar. The security inspection
should begin at your front door and include an inspection of all your
doors and windows, locks, lights and landscaping.  

1.        Doors
Are all external doors made of metal or solid wood?
Are all door frames strong enough to prevent  prying?
Are door hinges protected from removal from outside?
Are there windows near the door or within easy reach of the locks?
Are all door locks adequate and in good condition?
Are all entrances well lit?
Can front entrance be observed from street or public areas?
Does landscaping provide hiding place for intruders?
Can the sliding door, if any, be easily lifted out of the track?
Is key operated auxiliary lock used on sliding glass door?

2.       Windows
Do all windows have adequate locks in operating condition?
Does the lock secure the window to the frame?
Is the glass laminated to resist forceful impact?  
Is there any internal grilles for added security?
Are the windows free from concealing structure for burglars to hide?
Is exterior adequately lighted at all window areas?
Are trees and shrubbery kept trimmed from upper floor windows?
Are ladders kept outside the house where they are accessible?

3.       Gates
Is the gate of strong construction such as steel or wrought iron?
Can the gate be easily climb over?
Can the gate be seen through to spot any lurking burglar?
Can the gate be easily lifted off its hinges?
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