"What is master key system?"
A master key system allow the holder of the master key to access all
doors in various locations throughout a building by using only one
key. A system can be configured to allow for different level of access
based on user groups and locations/rooms.

What are the benefits of master key systems?

Master key systems dispenses with the need of carrying large
number of keys for different locations in a building. It gives you the
convenience and control in managing your keys and minimise the
risk of security breaches and unauthorised access. A key
management system can be installed to track the circulation of keys
based on user groups and access rights - Who has been issued
with a key, when and where?
The system is flexible and can be expanded to allow for future
extension of a building provided adequate allowance is made
during design stage.

What is the best way to maintain key control?

A master key or for that matter individual keys should be strictly
controlled to prevent unauthorised key duplication. A key should only
be duplicated if there is proper authorisation from the rightful owner
and the keys are made available only by authorised agents who has
contractual agreement with the manufacturers of the lock
concerned. A patented key system offers protection against
unauthorised key duplication by controlling the  supply of key blanks.
Only authorised agents can get the supply of key blanks from the

It is highly recommended that you should only use patented key
system if you need high security protection against break in or

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