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We offer on-line Ba Zi (Four Pillars of Destiny) courses for those who are
not able to attend a formal class. You can start learning Ba Zi by buying
our E-Book "Get The Life You Want - The Chinese Astrological Way".
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It covers the core fundamentals of Ba Zi. You can read it at the comfort of
your own home. The E-Book will guide you through the principles and
theories of Ba Zi in an easy to follow steps.

Instead of paying the full course fees in advance which can cost up to
USD$350.00 for a beginner's level, why not purchase our E-Book and get
a head start at only USD$12.90. It is the cheapest way to start a course in
Chinese Astrology.

After reading the E-Book, you have the option to go in-depth in your study
by asking us questions through email. You can pose any question at any
time you like. However, a fee will be charged for each question posed and
it starts from USD$5.00 depending on the type of question. Upon payment
via Paypal, we will provide the answers through email. In this way, you
control your learning pace, cost and time.

The on-line course is equivalent to beginners' and intermediate level. It
will cover the core principles and fundamentals as follows:-

Yin & Yang
The Cosmic Trinity
The 5 elemental relationship
The 10 Heavenly Stems
The 12 Earthly Branches
The 60 Jia Zi
The 24 Seasons

How to determine the strength of the Day Master
Different Day Masters and their attributes
Introduction to the 10 Gods
Qualities of the 10 Gods
Influence of Useful Gods
Shen Sha

Interaction of the stems and branches
- Heavenly stem combinations
- Heavenly stem countering
- Earthly branch combinations
- Earthly branch clashes
- Earthly branch punishment
- Earthly branch harm
- Earthly branch destruction

Reading of a BaZi Chart
- Career
- Wealth
- Health
- Relationship
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