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In Chinese Astrology, a person's Ba Zi or Four Pillars of Destiny can also
be deciphered to find the auspicious date and time for an activity as a
form of personalization. By analysing your destiny code in the form of the
four pillars, you can determine the right time to carry out the right activity. It
is about ascertaining a date where the energy of the activity and the
energy of the person carrying out the activity are in harmony to ensure
success in the achievement of personal goals.

A personal date selection involves the use of the Chinese Solar Calendar.
This is because the Chinese Solar Calendar indicates which of the five
elements are present on any particular day in the form of a Day Pillar.
Feng Shui and Ba Zi masters refer to it for many computations in the
selection of a date for all types of activities such as :-

- Propose a Marriage
- Date of Marriage
- Child Birth
- Ending a relationship
- Start a new job
- Start a new project
- Commence a new course of study
- Starting work after Chinese New Year
- Ask for a raise/increment
- Official Business opening
- Moving House/Office
- Renovate a house
- House warming
- Commence ground breaking
- Begin construction of a property
- Negotiation of a major deal
- Signing a major contract
- Medical procedure
- Burial

Please consult us should you have other type of activities requiring the
selection of an auspicious date for commencement or activation.

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