Feng Shui is a Chinese metaphysical science that charts a property's
energy or Qi distribution based on direction and location.

Feng Shui can enhance your luck through the usage of space at home.
You can run into bad luck if you occupy a space with inauspicious stars or
faced an inauspicious Feng Shui direction. By sleeping, working or using
the space with auspicious stars and/or in the right Feng Shui direction,
you will activate luck at the right space for success in your endeavors.

Feng Shui can help you to achieve your life's aspirations such as health,
wealth, career and relationship.

This consultation is only
USD$22.00 and will include:-

1) Xuan Gong Flying Star technique to find the most auspicious sectors    
in your house for health, wealth, career and relationship
2) Xuan Gong 64 Hexagram technique to position your work desk, study
and bed  for success and prosperity

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The period of a house is based on
the year you moved in.
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