Q) Does the polarity of Yin & Yang come into play in the destiny of a

A) Yes. The 5 elements in the natal chart have both Yin & Yang polarity.
The different polarity gives different effects when interacting with one
another and also with the Day Master.   

Q) Does twins (1 min apart) share the same destiny’s chart and is it
logical that their destiny would be similar with reference to favorable
elements and luck pillar?

A) No. General frame may be similar but hour pillar differs. If the twins are
of the same sex, they share the same Luck Pillar flow and the difference
between them is only in the hour pillar. If the twins are of different sex, they
would have different Luck Pillar flow based on Yin & Yang principle apart
from the difference in the hour pillar. The order of birth is important. The
hour pillar is used by the elder twin whereas the younger of the twins, will
take the hr pillar thereafter e.g. born Jia Zi hour, elder takes Jia Zi but
younger twin takes Yi Chou hour.

Q) How do we use the date of birth to analyze the destiny of a person?

A) In the Chinese astrology or Four Pillars of Destiny (BaZi), we use the
DOB based on the Solar Calendar to tabulate the BAZI chart. If the DOB is
based on the Lunar Calendar or Western Calendar, it has to be converted
to the Solar dates before a chart is tabulated.

Q) In the BaZi chart, the month branch of the 4 pillars indicates season
during birth e.g. summer season of the snake. Would this season
change if the month branch combine with other branch to form a different
element? E.g. snake combine with monkey to form water.

A) No, the season would not change as it represent the Qi of the season
and it remain intrinsically with the person for the entire life

Q) What is the strength of the Hidden Stems in the natal chart? Do they
carry the same influence as the Branches or are they the same as the
Heavenly Stems?

A) Heavenly Stems are what is apparent or prevailing or visible to the
naked eye in terms of attitudes, behavior, conduct etc of a person
whereas the hidden stems reveals the ulterior motive of a person and
concerns with the matters of the heart and mind. As for the earthly
branches, they reveals the subtleties of a person not usually seen.

Q) Does the quantity of elements in the natal chart is plays an important
part in the destiny of a person ?

A) The quantity of elements should be considered with the quality of the
elements coherently and how they interact with one another in order to
determine how balance is the chart and consequentially, the destiny of a
person. If the chart is well balance, the person will have a good destiny.
Time is also an important factor in the luck cycle of a person.

Q) The Hidden Stems, are they more commonly called Roots in the natal

A) Only when the SAME element with SAME polarity is on the Heavenly
Stem, yes, they are roots. Only the Day Master needs to be rooted.

Q) How are the Elemental Values in the natal chart arrived and their

A) The Elemental Values are derived from a physical count of the
branches and stems (including hidden) in the natal chart. However, we
should not take the quantity of the elements per se in analyzing the chart
but also consider the quality of the elements and how they interact with
one another for determining the destiny of a person.

Q) In reading the chart of a person, do we have to adjust the hour of birth
for daylights savings? E.g. born in New York at 1 am on Wed would have
his Bazi hour of birth at 1am on Wed (New York time) or 1pm on Thurs
(local time)?

A) Some favors conversion according to daylight savings based on the
GMT. Others advocated following the time captured in birth certificate.

Q) What happens when a person with all Yang in his/her natal chart
meets an all Yin person Are they suppose to balance each other out or do
they cancel each other out? Complement or neutralize?

A) We need to look at each chart in its own right. The whole idea of Bazi is
to try to balance the chart. The more balance the chart, the better the life.
Yin of one chart will not balance the Yang of the other. We need to deal
with each chart individually.

Q) How do we regard the interaction between the annual luck pillars and
10 year luck pillars in the destiny of a person in relation to the natal chart?
Does that mean the annual pillars governs our luck specifically for each
year in relation to the 10 years' luck pillars and thus has more impact
since it act as a trigger?

A) The annual pillars can be considered as modifiers
(strengthening/weakening) of the energies of the 10-year luck pillars and
their interaction with each other and with the natal chart influences the
destiny of a person.

Q) Can reading a person’s destiny chart affect us negatively or destroy our
“Karma”? Is this tantamount to revealing heaven’s secret blasphemously?

A) Logically speaking, if heaven doesn't want us to reveal the secrets, we
would not be able to so.  Heaven's secrets won't be divulged by mere
mortals like us. We are only the instruments of heaven to do what is
destined if heaven has decreed to be so. We are not changing heaven's
will by advising anyone on destiny or Feng Shui. We are only making it
known to the person so that by being aware of what is to come, the
person can take pro active measure.

“To be forewarned is to be forearmed” as the saying goes …
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