Chinese Astrology – Personal Date Selection Part 2

In Chinese Astrology, selecting an auspicious date in which to commence an important activity is the first step
towards making sure that a venture or endeavor get off the ground in the most positive and favorable way
possible. Ideally, a good date should also be complimented with a good hour when commencing an important
activity in order to enhance the positive effect of the day. It is about doing the right thing at the right time
when the energy of the day is in synchronicity with the energy of the hour.

This article is only concern with selecting a good day based on a method known as the 12 Day Officers System.
The methodology of this system is that each day of the month is controlled by a governing officer and there
are a total of 12 officers. These officers refer to the twelve specific types of energy that govern a particular
day. The month always start with the first officer day which is known as the Establish Day. The first officer day
always share the same earthly branch of the reference month. For example, Establish Day for the month of
February starts on the first day of the month. The Chinese Solar Calendar has 12 months and therefore 12
earthly branches or animal signs. The month of February has the Tiger as the earthly branch. Since Establish
Day share the same earthly branch with the reference month, all Tiger days in the month of February are
Establish Days. The rest of the 11 officers will then follow in sequence and thereafter, the cycle repeat itself.

Establish Day

This is a suitable day to get engaged or propose marriage, commencing a new job or business dealing,
seeking medical treatment, starting a journey or enrolling in a new course of study.

Remove Day

This day is suitable for cleaning up a place of dwelling from afflictions, ending a relationship which has turned
sour, getting rid of something from your body by medical procedure or simply to remove any undesirable
elements in your life.

Full Day

It is a good day to reap a bountiful of rewards or returns from your effort such as signing of a business
agreement, launching an official opening of a business, collecting debt in full or doing anything to reap
maximum benefit from it.

Balance Day

This is a good day for starting construction works, getting married, traveling, commencing a business
negotiation or carrying out an activity where a win-win outcome is desired for all parties involved.   

Stable Day

It is a day which is good for medical treatment, getting married, officially opening a business, sealing an
agreement on a project, hiring an important employee or starting any activity where you want it to last for a
long time.

Initiate Day

It is simply a good day to start or commence something such as signing agreements, starting a new venture
or endeavor, accepting a work assignment, renovating your house or anything that concerns new beginning
albeit with certain limitation.

Destruction Day

It is suitable only for destroying unwanted things such as demolishment of a building or any physical structure.
It is mostly inauspicious to carry out important activities on this day.

Danger Day

This is a day that is considered dangerous and uncertain. It is only good for limited activities such as religious
worship, groundbreaking or relocation of bed. It is mostly inauspicious to carry out important activities on this

Success Day

This is the most auspicious day compared to the other officer days. As the name suggests, it is a day for
success in carrying out any important activity such as marriage, seeking medical treatment, starting
construction work, moving into a new home and even for burial. Any other important but favorable activity will
benefit from this day.

Receive Day

It is a favorable day for wishful activity or getting something that you want such as asking for a raise in salary,
getting a reward, commencing a course of study, closing a deal or starting a new job.

Open Day

A day suitable for opening up your house or office to welcome visitors, house warming, official opening of
business, starting work or school after a long break, signing agreement or commencing a new job.

Close Day

Being the last day of the 12 officer day cycle, the energy is weak and stale. It is not auspicious to start any
important activity on this day.

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