Sun Tzu’s Art of War & Chinese Astrology - Two ancient systems, one timeless goal: Part 2

A person’s destiny is further governed by the following factors:-

•        Timing  (to be born at the right time)
•        Space (to stay at the right place)
•        Action (to do the right things)

Timing refers to the time of birth when a person is infused with the energy of the universe or heaven’s luck which is one’s fate.

Space refers to the place of habitation or earth’s luck where the energy of the environment affects the inhabitants on earth.

Action refers to the cause and effects of one’s attitudes and actions or man luck.

In “The Art of War”, whether a battle ends in victory or defeat depends on the conditions of the landscape or environment
surrounding the army. Aside from his destiny’s chart which is based on his timing of birth or heaven’s luck, a general will
need to take cognizance of his space or landscape - the hills and the valleys, the rivers and the oceans, etc on the battlefield.
In this context, the Chinese metaphysical science of Feng Shui plays an important part in ensuring victory. The precepts of
this ancient art of geomancy stipulate that the energy in our environment can affect us positively or negatively depending on
the location and direction of one’s living space. According to Feng Shui, the energy or life force known to the Chinese as “Qi”
is dispersed by the wind and gathers at the boundary of water.

In this respect, Sun Tzu advised;-

“Military tactics are like water. As water shapes its flow according to the ground, an army wins by relating to the enemy it faces
and adapts to the conditions of the environment and modify his tactics according to the enemy’s situations.”

In the modern context, how we face adversities in life and whether we are successful in the pursuit of our goals and
aspirations will depend on the conditions of our living space or environment and our attitudes and actions. Just like a general
who fortified his fortress to make it impenetrable, how do we make our environment conducive to living a successful life? By
tapping into the positive energy of the environment using Feng Shui of course!

As Sun Tzu advises;-

“It is a principle of war that we do not assume the enemy will not come, but instead be prepared for his coming, not to
presume the enemy will not attack, but instead to make our own position invincible to ensure victory.”

By knowing our natal chart based on the four pillars of destiny and our luck cycle over the course of our life using the intrinsic
luck pillars, we can use Feng Shui as a moderator to overcome anticipated challenges and at the same time, as an enabler
to achieve our goals and purpose in life. Our house is a gateway for Qi to enter and collect. By positioning the front door of our
house in the auspicious location and direction based on compass reading, we can tune into the positive energy of our
environment for harmony and prosperity and avoid negative energy which brings misfortune and calamity. Depending on the
facing direction of a house, it is generally auspicious to have a mountain or hill at the back of the house to act as support and
a lake or water catchments area in front of the house for Qi to settle.

Apart from our destiny’s chart and Feng Shui, we can always rely on our own free will as well. When the going gets tough and
life is but a struggle, our attitude and action will partly determine whether the battle is won or lost.

Here’s what Sun Tzu has to say;-

“We move where there is advantage to be gained; we halt when there is none. A wise general considers both the advantages
and disadvantages at his disposal. When considering the advantages, he makes his plans viable; when considering the
disadvantages, he finds a way to extricate himself from the pitfalls.”

When going through a luck pillar of prosperity, we shall make every opportunity count and when going through a luck pillar of
despair, we keep a low profile and cut our losses.

The hallmark of a great general is best sum up by the man himself;-

“If you know yourself and know your enemy; in a hundred battles, you will not fear the outcome. When you know yourself but not
your enemy, your chances of winning or losing is equal. If you know neither yourself nor your enemy, you are sure to be in peril
in every battle.”

Therefore, how do these systems of Chinese war strategies and metaphysical science help us in the reality of modern times?
It teaches us to be empowered by knowing our strengths and weakness, to be energized by tapping into the energies of our
environment and to be proactive in taking destiny into our own hands for the same goal – victory!

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