Chinese Astrology - Is Happiness Measured On A Weighing Scale?

Our purpose in life is to seek happiness. This is the ultimate aim of all people. No matter what our goals,
dreams or visions, they all lead to the same destination – happiness! We may seek more money, better
career, good health, pleasurable time, meaningful relationship and other finer things in life. All these
aspirations come with a price.

In Chinese astrology or Ba Zi, the price can come in the form of destruction, clash, harm or punishment
between the metaphysical elements in our natal chart.

The question is “Are we prepared to pay the price and sacrifice a part of ourselves in order to attain
happiness?” Some of us are lucky to be born with a sliver spoon and live a gilded life but most of us have to
make ends meet by sheer hard work. Whether we were born rich or started life at a disadvantaged,
happiness is not delivered to us on a silver platter. We need to look for it. Finding happiness and keeping it
is a real challenge as our journey through life is full of twist and turns. The road ahead can be rocky, long
and winding. There are times when we meet with obstacles, stumble and fall, hurt ourselves and lost our
directions along the way. The journey of life can inflict extreme physical, mental and psychological pain on
us and it can be so unbearable that we begin to question whether the end justifies itself.  In Chinese
astrology or Ba Zi, the pain that we endured is reflected by the 7 Killings star which bring extreme stress
and pressure.

Not everybody is created equal. At least it is not in the physical, mental and psychological dimensions.
Different people have different threshold of pain or comfort zone. Some are weak and some are strong.
Some are risk takers and some are risk averse. Most of us are in between. We just need to look for a
comfortable level where pain and pleasure is at an optimum balance. Imagine a weighing scale with two
pans and a balance where pleasure and pain weigh equally. Any excess on either side will tip the balance.
The trick is to maintain a comfortable balance with neither too much pleasure nor pain. This is what we
should do to maintain a comfortable balance in our lives. Our lives are like a weighing scale on which
happiness is weighed between pleasure and pain. Our goal in life is therefore to seek an optimum balance
within our own comfort zone. This is happiness created out of keeping a comfortable balance in our lives.

“So are we able to pay for the price of happiness?”

We only pay for what we can afford because the price of happiness is relative. It defers from people to
people. Some may pay a little to enjoy its value whereas some may pay more for the same return. A poor
man can be as happy as a rich man within one’s own comfort zone. In other words, happiness is status
blind! It is using what we are born with, living within our means and hopefully, happiness will see us.

In Chinese Astrology, a person is born with innate characteristics and abilities that are elemental in nature.  
The elements are metaphysically represented by wood, fire, earth, metal and water. These elements are
believed to be cosmic energies that radiate from the stars in the constellations and that they give birth to
all living things on earth. We are infused with the energies of the five elements based on the configuration
of the stars at the precise hour of our birth. Whether we are destined to live a life full of pleasure or pain
depends on the elemental equilibrium in our natal chart. The secret to happiness is keeping a comfortable
balance of the elements within us. This is the essence of Chinese astrology!

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