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As a freelance consultant, I used to give free Ba Zi analysis (Four Pillars of
Destiny) or Destiny Reading for visitors to my website. But due to a lot of work
commitment with many paid customers, I am unable to do so anymore.

You can also read the
testimonials from visitors and customers that engage my
BaZi consultation based on the Four Pillars of Destiny. For some samples of free
Ba Zi Analysis, click

Over the years and through my full time association with a principal distributor of
high security products, I have given talks and security presentations to various
organisations such as architectural firms, property developers, security
consultants, interior designers and government institutions.

My clients include owners of residential, commercial, institutional and industrial

If you or your organisation would like to have a talk on Chinese Astrology,
Feng Shui or security consultation in the context of Feng Shui, you can contact
Alvin at
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