Are you the faithful type?

Do you believe in the sanctity of marriage?

If you would like to embark on the journey of self discovery with special
emphasis on your love life, look no further than your birth chart as it holds
the key to affinity and matrimony.

In Chinese Astrology, the secret to finding true love lies within our Four
Pillars of Destiny (BaZi) which form our birth chart.

If you are born with the Star of True Love in your birth chart and it sits on
the right pillar, it is believed that you will have a loving spouse and a
happy marriage. On the other hand, if your birth chart shows the presence
of the Flower of Romance and it sits on the wrong pillar, you will be
popular with the opposite sex but not without encountering your fair share
of sexual scandals and misadventures. There is also a high possibility of
infidelity in a relationship which is likely to end in separation or divorce.
The days of wining and dining can turn out to be nothing but heartache
and heartbreak.

Besides the Star of True Love and Flower of Romance, there are other
factors to consider from the same astrological perspective. In Chinese
Astrology, our birth chart consists of four Heavenly Stems and four Earthly
Branches. Together, these stems and branches make up our Four Pillars
of Destiny or also known as BaZi. Within these pillars lie various
elements and zodiac signs of Yin and Yang polarity. It is through the
interaction of these elements and zodiac signs that chart the course of
our destiny and for that matter, our pathways to love. If our birth chart
manifests a negative interaction involving the Star of True Love and the
Palace of Spouse, it is a harbinger of marital problem. On the contrary, if
the interaction is positive and the Star of True Love is well supported, it is
a sign of marital harmony. Apart from interactions, the elements and
zodiacs themselves exert their influence over how we perceive love and
all its splendors. You can be the charming scoundrel who can talk your
way into and out of a relationship like a Casanova or a femme fatale who
carefully plots vengeance on your lover upon being scorned. It is all in the
elements and zodiacs!

Is your love life non-existent or mostly dead? Are you looking for true love
but seem to meet with Mr. Wrong all the time?

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