The trigram is a symbolic representation of Yin and Yang. It
consist of a set of triple lines, where each line is either full or  
broken. The full line represents Yang and the broken line
represent Yin. Yin and Yang coexist in harmony and
complements one another equally.

Yin and Yang combines linearly in sets of 3 and result in the
formation of the eight (8) trigrams, or 'Pa Kua'. These are Qian,
Kun, Zhen, Xun, Kan, Li, Gen and Dui.

Time and direction are reflected in the 8 trigrams. Each trigram is
unique and has its own characteristics and personification. Each
trigram is associated with an element and compass direction,
and can signify people, biological parts, and numerical sign
(amongst many other things).

The trigrams can be a harbinger and precursor to many things,
both tangible and intangible and forms the basis for explaining
the events and circumstances in our lives. Its meaning and
symbolism are predicated in the theories and application of Feng
Shui which is a study involving either the theoretical Early Heaven
formation (the static nature of the universe)  or  the practical Later
Heaven formation (the cyclical nature of the universe).
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