The universe is made up of two fundamental forces known in the
Chinese metaphysical science as Yin and Yang. These forms of
natural energies are constantly interacting with one and another and
from these interactions, life is created and sustained  in the order of
birth, growth, decay and death. The dynamic interaction between Yin
and Yang subsequently relates to the Five Phases of Qi or energies.
These are later known as the Five Elements.

Yin and Yang are both opposing and mutually reinforcing to give
balance to all matters. Yin is feminine, cool and soft whereas Yang
is masculine, hot and hard. The dynamic interactions between Yin
and Yang manifests in Night & Day, Positive & Negative, Active &
Passive, Strong  & Weak, Fast & Slow,  Big & Small, Loud & Quiet
and so forth. We can also observe the interplay between Yin and
Yang naturally such as the sun and the moon, fire and water, rain
and drought and the 4 seasons where Yang is reflected as the peak
of summer and yin in the coldness of winter.

The natural interaction of Yin and Yang can also be extended to all
human endeavours of the physical, emotional, mental and
psychological kind where a state of harmony is achieved when there
is balance of the energies within us.  The same balance between
the forces of Yin and Yang is sought for our living environment
where the rivers and hills converge harmoniously – a conjugation of
yin and yang. We are thus affected by our surrounding through the
interaction of Yin and Yang.

Yin and Yang are importance forces at work in Feng Shui.  
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